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Penguin Safari

In October 2006 I travelled to South Georgia Island along with the team from Nigel Marven's production company 'Image Impact.' It was deemed an impossible mission by many, to make 6 hours of TV (for Channel 5, Discovery & National Geographic) to be broadcast in time for Christmas, but we did it! An incredible insight into the dramatic changes through Spring on the South Atlantic Island.

Produced and directed by Nigel Marven, camera operators Peter Thorn and Mike Pitts, assistant Producer Matthew Wright, production co-ordinator Fiona Hurst, editors David McCormick and myself.

South Georgia Islands lies about 870 miles east of the Falkland Islands. It took us about 5 and a half days to sail there on our 60ft yacht 'Le Sourire.' You can see our dinner hanging on the back of the boat in the natural fridge. We did manage gin and tonics made with ice from one of the bergs.

St Andrews Bay is home to over 150,000 King Penguins, the stars of the show, along with over 6000 Elephant seals.

Bird Island is home to 1700 wandering albatrosses, 50,000 macaroni penguins and 15,000 black-browed albatrosses.

After crossing the Island on foot in 1916 Ernest Shackleton made his way back to rescue his crew stuck on Elephant Island. He is buried with at Grytviken alongside Frank Wild.

We had to construct a make shift edit bay in the galley of the yacht and secure everything so it wouldn't slide off when sailing.

I was recently asked to chat about my faith and life in the edit on the 'Ascend Men' podcast. Listen here:


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