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I’ve worked on a huge variety of television genres, including over 130 hours of natural history related programming.

I’ve cut shows for Netflix, Apple, Disney, Nat Geo, BBC, ITV, CH4, Five, PBS, Animal Planet and Discovery, and worked for Plimsoll Productions, BBC Studios, Wildstar Films, Silverback Films, Hello-Halo, Icon Films, Tigress, Image Impact, Atlantic Productions and more.

I’ve edited indoors and outdoors… on a yacht in the Antarctic, at the edge of the Arabian desert, on a beach in Spain, a farm in Devon, and in many, many edit suites in Bristol and throughout the UK.

I’m currently working for BBC Studios on the Asia Series for BBC1.

offline editor

I’m an experienced, versatile, fast, creative editor and have been editing for broadcast for 27 years. I’m very efficient, happy to work on Avid, FCP or Premiere.

offline editor
offline editor
offline editor
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